Corrupt business practices in the U.T. of Lakshadweep

Corrupt business practices in the U.T. of Lakshadweep
27 February, 2013

The administration conceived of, studied it and started the Lakshadweep Tourism way back in the year 1974.

The Bangaram Island Beach Resort was opened by the Hotel Corporation of India Ltd., for international tourism with a solemn commitment of bringing up the life style of the most impoverished inhabitants of the Lakshadweep, (The island people belonging to the Scheduled Tribe, who are ensured special protection under the Constitution of India [Ref] ) who happened to live detached from the mainland.

Later, in 1982 a Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism (Sports) designated to conduct the Lakshadweep Tours became the custodians of the Bangaram Resort. SPORTS is managed by a Chairman (Administrator of U.T. of Lakshadweep) and a board of directors selected from various departments. The important objectives of the SPORTS are to promote tourism and other recreational activities, thereby providing employment to the local educated youth in the islands.

Unfortunately, little after the project got started, corruption grew fast among the officials of SPORTS. The management was keen on making personal gains, at the risk of causing multiple natures of difficulties and financial losses to the exchequer including the land owners and participating tourists. This process went on for quite a long time.

It is well known to the majority that some of the SPORTS officials, mainly the G.M. and above, have made huge financial gains by manipulations.  The Administrators, the official custodians of the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, who is shamelessly protecting  these corrupt practices, remain silent.

At this juncture, Adv. D.B. Binu, General Secretary of Human Rights Defense Forum wrote to the CPIO of SPORTS on 29-05- 2012 for information about the methodology adopted for granting recognition to the Travel Agents, their business volume for 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The information which ought to have been passed on to him was not delivered within the stipulated 30 days period.  He kept on writing, and even the Central Information, Delhi intervened in the matter.

The Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission, New Delhi thereafter issued specific directions to the Respondent 1, the CPIO of SPORTS, vide his Order No.CIC/LS/A/2013/000166 to make available the information sought for within 2 weeks of his order dated 06-02-2013.

The order of the Central Information Commission, Delhi remains yet to be complied with.

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Photograph: Paradise Hut Kavaratti Island

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