Paradise Hut, Kavaratti Island, A Promising Boon To Lakshadweep Tourism


“PARADISE HUT RESORT” is a totally reconstructed holiday complex, ideally situated in a prime spot in Kavaratti Island. The tourist complex is a three storied block including the ground floor, and each floor consists of two cottages. There is now a total of six cottages altogether in this new resort building constructed by the Lakshadweep administration.

The resort was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Lakshadweep Administrator Mr. Amar Nath on 22nd December, 2011. The Paradise Hut is ideally located in a prime spot with all modern facilities and high standard food at affordable rates crowned with a touching hospitality is definitely a promising option especially for the domestic tourists to Lakshadweep, who are very often confronted with non-availability of accommodation.

Kavaratti is the administrative capital of Lakshadweep. This island is blessed with a unique natural beauty that enchants the tourists with its bewitching landscape. A blend of traditional culture and modern infrastructure attract the tourists to this island. The temperate climate of Kavaratti is an added attration to the tourists.

The beautiful lagoon in Kavaratti Island is ideal for water sports, swimming. The sandy beaches are tempting locations for sun basking. The marine life exhibits at the Marine Aquarium, and a vast collection of specimens at the Museum are also enchanting.

Kavaratti Island is situated far away from the maddening crowd of mainland. The solitude and the silent atmosphere provides eternal happiness, rejuvenation, vigor and energy to the tourists. The facilities available in Kavaratti for water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and sailing will provide an absolute sense of happiness and satisfaction to the tourists.

The Kavaratti museum displays different types of shells, extra ordinary and numerous fishes preserved in glass jars. Just next to the museum is the Dolphin Dive centre that offers diverse PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) programmes for amateur and professional divers. The trained and expert divers give instructions on diving and other water sports at PADI which is one of the world’s largest leisure diving organization.

From the mainland, Kavaratti could be easily accessed by air and sea. This island is at a distance of 404 km (218 nautical miles) from Kochi and is located between Agatti Island on the west and Andrott Island on the east.

Mohidden Mosque is an ancient mosque that lies to the North- West of Kavaratti. One of the oldest and most striking is the Ujra mosque built by Sheikh Mohammad Kasim. The 17th century structure has an ornate ceiling, said to have been carved out of a single of driftwood. Sheikh Mohammad Kasim’s grave is located in the mosque which is revered by the islanders. A few blocks away from the Ujra Mosque lies an aquarium which is also a museum. The aquarium has a variety of multi – coloured species of fish.

By and large, Kavaratti island is an ideal destination for every tourist who wish to have some happy time in the company of his family and friends. No doubt, the PARADISE HUT RESORT will provide a comfortable stay to the tourists at affordable prices.The sad part is that the Kavaratti Island is not permissible to foreign tourists, instead foreigners are allowed in Agatti, Kadmat and Minicoy islands.

Staff Reporter, kavaratti.

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