Reliable information that proves cheating!

The information about the cheating by SPORTS is startling. There have been consistent complaints about the corruption and incompetence of the SPORTS, the society functioning under the Lakshadweep Administrator for promoting Lakshadweep Tourism. But the ‘SPORTS’ purposefully ignore complaints and fail to answer any queries for redressal of grievances.

The documents that we have received were devastating, capable of wreaking total destruction. The situation is quite serious and requires immediate remedial action. Otherwise days may not be far when the tourists will abandon Lakshadweep Islands and look for other locations.

Excerpts from letters received as in the following:-

1) ‘The nodal agency is a fraud. They grossly overcharged us for a room in a lodge in what looked like a slum. They further gave us NO information about where we were actually going to be put up. The Island itself is very political in that there are comfortable lodgings which are made available only to Govt. officials and their friends – tourists get a really bad deal here. It’s safer and cheaper to choose Andamans over Lakshadweep’.

Full text: Reliable information that proves cheating!

2) It is brought to your notice that I had come to Kochi from Guwahati, Assam (about 3600 Kms one way) by Air with my family only on receiving confirmation from you that my bookings are confirmed. I stayed a day at a local hotel with my family and imagine my plight when on the day of boarding I was told that my bookings are still not confirmed. My family which had been looking forward for this trip for last about four months felt humiliated when inspite of having a confirmed booking, they were left stranded while everyone else boarded the ship for Lakshdweep.

Redressal Of Grievances: Reservation No 42754207

3) Reason which SPORTS gave us was this “There has been delay in your PAYMENT”. But in my case I had paid the amount well in advance… With this mail I am attaching both the receipts which I have received from my agent. Second receipt also confirms that I have got confirmed tickets on the ship. Why suddenly the changes were made in my reservation and I was not informed well in ADVANCE about the same. I could have definitely saved some money. Let me know what proof you need from my side to refund me the additional cost I have bare and I shall provide you the same thing. If SPORTS is denying this further I have enough proof to prove them wrong and I am taking this to next level.

My booking had already been cancelled by SPORTS

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