Agatti – Island

Agatti – Gateway to Lakshadweep

The Agatti Island is at a distance of 459 km (248 nautical miles) from Kochi and is located the west of Kavaratti Island. It lies between 10o 48′ and 10o 53′ N latitude and 72o 09′ and 7o 13′ E longitude, having an area of 3.84 sq km, with a maximum length of 10 km and width of km. It has a north-east, south-west trend with a long tail on the south. The lagoon area of this island is 17.50 sq km.

Coral growths and multi coloured coral fishes are abound in its lagoons. Sea turtles are legally protected species in this tropical marine ecosystems.Agatti has been identified as the first marine community reserve based on ‘Coral reef monitoring surveys’ which revealed the presence of live coral exceeds here 60%. The higher abundance of live corals is mainly due to a selected group of coral family Acroporidae.

Agatti is remarkable in that it possesses no storm beach. The eastern shore is composed only of sand, rising from the level of the reef flat, which is well exposed at low tides. The Northern side of island is thickly populated and the Southern side, a narrow stretch of land where the airport complex located is thinly populated. 200 m off the southern tip of the main island lies the smaller islet of Kalpitti.

Agatti Island Beach Resort located close to the airport, which by itself is an added advantage in transport logistics. The resorts get mostly domestic tourists and foreigners are also allowed. Prohibition is in force in the resorts although drinking strictly within the rooms by the tourists is not objected.

The climate of Agatti is similar to the climatic conditions of Kerala. March to May is the hottest period of the year. The temperature ranges from 25oC to 35oC and humidity ranging from 70 -76 per cent for most of the year. The average rainfall received is 1600 mm a year. Monsoon prevails here from 15th May to 15th September. The monsoon period raises temperature to the mercury level between 27- 30 degrees. During the monsoon time, boats are not allowed outside the lagoon because of the violent sea. The presence of the reef maintains calm at the lagoon.

Agatti Island Beach Resort Travel Packages

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    is a btiaeuful resort in the island of Bangaram which is a part of the Lakshadweep Archipelago.Planning honey moon here is a best option as is not crowded and not known much.

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