Any complaint against Lakshadweep Tourism? Let the fact speaks for itself!

Instances were many in the recent past where the enthusiastic tourists to the Lakshadweep Islands were put to untold miseries and strain during the course of their trip to this exotic islands of the Lakshadwep. Such problems arose due to the sudden cancellation of the ship booking, allotting a lower class instead of deluxe accommodation in the ship, non-availability due to over-booking, the irregular ferry service between the islands, irresponsible service pattern of the SPORTS management etc…

In such situations, the tourists will be very unsatisfied and furious. And it is quite natural too. They will, and they must bring up the issue before the authorities.

If you have a grievance, you must definitely respond, but the right way. While doing so, it is desirable for them to have the following guidelines in mind:

1. Consider whether your problem to be complained about is really worth making a big fuss about it. If you then feel it can go, leave it. Reserve your big guns for a bigger trouble.

2. If you have actually encountered rudeness from a person of the servicing establishment, you must surely complain. Repeated complaints against that person will bring results.

3. Soon after the incident takes place, note down as much information as you can, like the names, date and time, tour package details or any other details you remember that could help.

4. If there was some one who witnessed your reporting/discussing or arguing on a particular point of issue in connection with your Lakshadweep Tour, take his or her name and phone number. The testimony of a witness will have its due weight while taking up an issue or when it is attempted to be solved.

5. Wherever possible, try to get the problem solved immediately. As the time passes on, the urgent nature of the complaint will also be lost.

6. If immediate redressal of your complaint is not possible, the best thing then is to write a letter to the concerned authorities immediately, incorporating the details of your complaint and how you substantiate it.

7. In all the cases, it is important to keep your temper. Put the fact pointedly and politely. Shouting or threatening of legal action etc., will not help you, rather it will give an adverse effect.

8. You cannot hold the authorities responsible for everything. Read the conditions stipulated in your travel document. The officials shall not be responsible for a bad weather, the resultant delay for taking you to the final destination and for any shortage on your part to meet unexpected incidental expenses due to such delays.

9. Let your complaint have a just the facts, that too nice tone, it will bring very few good results.

10. Specify the action you wish from the authorities.

These points will add wings to your complaint and give it the due weight.

About Lakshadweep Grievance Forum

Lakshadweep Grievance Forum is a Non- Governmental set up where you can share your valuable feedback, suggestions, opinion or grievances if any. Please Note: This not an official authority in handling complaints from holidaymakers and their agents. If you have a complaint about tourist facilities such as transportation, accommodation, services etc, you may also put your complaint to the service provider directly.Our aims is to sort out your complaint as quickly and in an effective manner.

What does SPORTS stand for?

The activities related to tourism promotion and development in the islands are managed by an organization called SPORTS (Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports). SPORTS was set up in 1982 as a society registered under the societies Act, 1860. The important objectives of the SPORTS are to promote tourism and other recreational activities thereby providing employment to the local educated youth in the islands.

Agatti and Bangaram resorts were developed by the U.T.L., and later were leased out to private agencies through the SPORTS. The resort managements and SPORTS involves in significant legal issues and none of the resorts are now operational. Full Text

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