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This is exploitation of the ethnic population

The forum on Lakshadweep is informative and extensively covered with facts to substantiate the first hand experiences of the tourists and tour operators dealing with the Lakshadweep admin.a.k.a SPORTS.

Besides conserving the coral reef – in order to ensure that the Island literally stays afloat in the foreseeable future, the ‘authorities’ need to maximize their efforts in channeling the free flow of ‘discerning tourists’ of eco-tourism; those seeking experiences in exploring exquisite marine life, besides connoisseurs of sea food spending time at leisure by the beach post sunset in a tropical paradise. – as opposed to maximizing their ‘personal’ profits through undisclosed profits of booking personnel, who have collected relatively large amounts of money from the tourists over the last decade or so (a fact duly substantiated by the fact that the annual records have not been audited for years). This is over & above the total lack of commitment by SPORTS, in providing services paid for by the tourists, citing conditions beyond control.

Being an archipelago does not give the ‘authorities’ the right to behave like an Island with no support system required from the mainland (since their expenses are met by the Union Govt.); therefore ‘responsible tourism’ will help sustain the economy of the Islanders, whose livelihood was predominately from marine fish for edible consumption in the mainland, and they are hoping to increase their share from tourism (which is by and large being harnessed to the maximum by the ‘authorities’, leaving the crumps to the Islanders. This is exploitation of the ethnic population and goes against the basic principle(s) of ‘responsible tourism’.

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