Colombo Dockyard launches 400 passenger vessel ‘MV Corals’

Colombo Dockyard launches 400 passenger vessel ‘MV Corals’
23 August 2013

The Colombo Dockyard launched a 400 Passenger cum 250 Ton Cargo Vessel ‘MV Corals’ Thursday, built for the Union Territory of Lakshadweep Administration, Government of India. Shri J. Ashok Kumar Secretary PSA — UTLA took part in the launch. This is the first of two vessels being built.

The launching ceremony was attended to by Shri P. Migdad, Director PSA-UTLA, Capt. Venunath PMS LDCL, Shri B.P. Rai Vice President SB-SCI, Shri. B. Chakravarty General Manager TS&SB-Sd, Ms. V. Lalitha Devi DM- Sd, Shri Manish Counselor – Economic & Commercial of the Indian High Commission.

The vessel is designed by world renowned ship design company, Global Maritime Brevik AS of Norway (formerly known as GL Noble Denton/ Brevik Engineering) and the detailed design engineering is performed by Neilsoft Ltd of India. This cooperation enabled the convergence of specialists in their respective fields to achieve the best design solutions and Colombo Dockyard performed the arduous task of product realization.

The Passengers will have different categories of accommodation. There will be 10 first class, 40 second class and 350 normal class passenger transportation facilities. All passenger compartments shall be fully air conditioned using an air conditioning system consisting of central air handling unit and refrigerating plant, designed on the basis of environment friendly refrigerant chilled water system.

Length overall 97.00 m Breadth mid – 17.00 m Depth 9.20 m Design Draft – 4.20 m First Class 10 persons Fuel Oil – 400 T Second Class 40 persons Fresh Water -450 T Bunk Class 350 persons Dry Cargo – 200 T Crew 69 persons Endurance – 10 days @15 knots Speed 15 knots Deadweight 1200 dwt Main Engines 2 x YANMAR each engine developing 1920 kW Propulsion 2 x BERG Controllable Pitch Propellers

The vessel is dually classed meeting class rules of Lloyds Register of Shipping and Indian Register of Shipping and statutory rules applicable for a vessel of this type. MV Corals is equipped with all facilities and has been built according to international standards. The Vessel is to be manned by a crew of 69 who will also be provided with comfortable and elegant living quarters matching the world standards available on a vessel of this class.

Principal particulars of the Vessel, please see the previous report: Colombo Dockyard lays keel for new passenger ship for Govt of India

Video: Colombo dockyard launches 400 passenger vessel ‘MV. Corals’

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