Colombo Dockyard lays keel for new passenger ship for Govt of India

Colombo Dockyard lays keel for new passenger ship for Govt of India
April 21, 2012, Kochi

Sri Lankan shipbuilder Colombo Dockyard has laid the keel for the first of a pair of passenger vessels for the government of India to be deployed to connect its Lakshadweep islands with the mainland.

Photograph: 3 D View of the 400 Passenger cum 250 Ton Cargo Vessel

The vessel, with a capacity to carry 400 passengers and 250 tonnes of cargo, being the second series of passenger vessels to be built by Colombo Dockyard, these vessels will be superior to the earlier two, incorporating the learning from the previous series, setting new benchmarks for passenger/cargo transportation used by the UTLA and will mark a significant milestone between the two nations.

The two vessels are for the Union Territory of Lakshadweep, India, and will cater to increased traffic from Cochin port to the UTL islands, as well as in the inter island routes and the enhanced passenger capacity is expected to ease the movement of passengers especially during peak season. Colombo Dockyard earlier built two passenger vessels for India, MV Arabian Sea and MV Lakshadweep Sea.

The Vessel design and her machineries…

The design of the Vessel is developed by a world renowned ship design firm, GL Noble Denton of Norway, formerly known as Brevik Engineering, a ship designing firm which specializes in fully customizing ship designs to meet exact requirements of the Owners, meeting class rules of Lloyds Register of Shipping, Indian Register of Shipping and statutory rules applicable for a vessel of this type.

The Vessel is powered by two Japanese made YANMAR Main Engines each developing a propulsive power of 1920 kW, driving two Swedish made BERG Controllable Pitch Propellers with 3m diameter. This combination provides a high level of maneuverability, optimum efficiency and cost effective operation for the Vessel, which will enable the owners to save thousands of dollars on fuel and maintenance cost.

The accommodation spaces in this Vessel consists of private space, office space, sanitary space, catering space and other spaces. The Passengers will have different categories of accommodation. There will be 10 first class, 40 second class and 350 normal class passenger transportation facilities. All these passenger compartments are fully air conditioned using an air conditioning system consisting of central air handling unit and refrigerating plant, designed on the basis of environment friendly refrigerant chilled water system.

Well equipped wheelhouse shall provide excellent visibility of the horizon, where the Master and the bridge crew will have unobtrusive view right around the vessel for ease of navigability. Navigation and communication electronic equipment are predominately supplied by European and Japanese Makers to increase reliability and to ensure uninterrupted spare part and service support during the life span of the vessel.

The vessel so designed, shall be a perfect blend of high tech and elegance, and could be considered as one of the most environmentally friendly vessels to be built by Colombo Dockyard, which indeed will be a positive feature considering the un-spoilt terrain of the Lakshadweep Administration in which these vessels are intended to be operated.

Due to the vessel’s slender outlines the vessel features very low fuel consumption and has outstanding maneuvering and sea keeping capabilities and shall have low noise and vibration levels which increases the comfort of the passengers and crew of the vessel. The Vessel will be manned by a crew of 69 who will also be provided with comfortable and elegant living quarters matching the world standards available on a vessel of this class.

Some salient features of the Vessel….

Principal particulars

Length overall      – 97.00 m
Breadth moulded – 17.00 m
Depth                     -   9.20 m
Design Draft          -   4.20 m

Passenger Accommodation

First Class               – 10 persons
Second Class         – 40 persons
Bunk Class             – 350 persons
Crew                       – 69 persons


Fuel Oil                  – 400 T
Fresh Water          – 450 T
Dry Cargo              – 200 T
Lube Oil                 – 15 T
Deadweight           – 1200 DWT


Speed                     – 15 knots
Deadweight           – 725 Tonnes
Endurance             – 10 days @ 15 knots


Main Engines        – 2 x YANMAR each dev. 1920 kW

Propulsion             – 2 x BERG CPP 3 m diameter

Classification         – Lloyds Register/ Indian Register

Contracts Exchanged for the Construction of 2 Nos 400 Passenger cum 250 Ton Cargo Vessels for INDIA

Photograph: 3 D View of the 400 Passenger cum 250 Ton Cargo Vessel

The contract: The contracts were signed on 27th August 2011 at Kochi between Owners representatives Dr. M.S. Sayed Ismail Koya Director, Port Shipping & Aviation of UTLA and Mr. Mangala P.B. Yapa, Managing Director/ CEO of Colombo Dockyard PLC, in the presence of Shri Amar Nath IAS, Honourable Administrator UTLA as the Chief Guest, Dr. N. Vasantakumar IAS Collector & development Commissioner and in the midst of a large distinguished gathering.

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The all-weather passenger ship, m.v. Kavaratti, built for the Lakshadweep administration by Hindustan Shipyard, Visakhapatnam, will make its maiden voyage to the islands in the first week of August, 2008.

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