Lakshadweep Tour and the hotels in Lakshadweep

Scarcity of a neat accommodation and tasty food at reasonable rate is the stumbling situation encountered by every tourist at Lakshadweep islands.

A very bad remark has come out in the Trip Advisor exposing the fraudulent acts of the SPORTS, a society constituted to promote tourism in Lakshadweep. Highlights have been given, sourcing them from the Trip Advisor, indicating relevant links.

The writer has expressed all his agonies and the magnitude of financial loss due to the fraudulent dealings of the officials of SPORTS. He did question about it to the people of SPORTS, but could not get convincing reply.

The only mistake he had done was that while planning his tour to Lakshadweep, he took the SPORTS to be an authentic and honest body aimed at guiding and helping tourists to Lakshadweep, without actually knowing its blackish colour and character.

“Forget Maldives/Seychelles et al – If u’ve not seen Lakshadweep!”

At the same time, another comment has appeared under the following link wherein the writer has expressed his happiness and satisfaction about his Lakshadweep tour. He was fully satisfied of the travel arrangements, stay and the exhilarating experiences he had. View Comment in Tripadvisor

He has stressed throughout his remarks that he could get the comforts of a well planned tour package he has strongly recommended for. This comment is worthy enough for the guidance of the tourists who have cherishing ideas to visit Lakshadweep Islands in the coming days.

Making the bookings for Lakshadweep Tour through an agent of proven stand is, therefore, most advisable because it would help eliminate many hurdles that may surface on reaching these exotic islands.

Sneha Dulari, Bengaluru

Highlights have been given respectively, sourcing them from the Trip Advisor, indicating relevant links.-
(“Bad experience with SPORTS on Agatti”)
(“Forget Maldives/Seychelles et al – If u’ve not seen Lakshadweep!”)

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