New Speed Vessels to Ferry Tourists – Lakshadweep Islands

New Speed Vessels to Ferry Tourists – Lakshadweep Islands
07 Sep, 2013 Kochi

The Administration has announced launching of modern vessels with air-conditioned cabins, to carry the people from Agatti to Kadmat and other inner islands.

Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports (SPORTS), is an institution functioning under the Lakshadweep Administration.  SPORTS coordinates and conducts the Lakshadweep Tourism from October to May every year.  However, in their operation, there have been many deficiencies and a high level of insecurity to human lives.

The latest move of the Lakshadweep Administration to replace the Pablo Fishing Boats with safer speed vessels is quite welcome.  While this is a welcome move, it is essential that the authority should also maintain a proper schedule of safer modern vessels to ferry the tourists.

The charge for public ferry is INR.2000.00 per person one-way. As against this, a  higher rate of INR.4,000.00 is fixed for speed vessels. An economic rate will attract more passengers on the vessel from Agatti to Kadmat. Similar vessels could be deployed to other islands also, to expand tourism.

Revised Resort Rates 2013-2014:

The rates for accommodation charges for staying packages operated by SPORTS have been revised by the Managing Director (SPORTS), Lakshadweep Tourism, vide his order F.N.115/01/2013-SPORTS dated 17th August 2013.

Apart from the revision in the rates, it is ordered that an additional charge of 10% will be levied for the month of December while there will be a deduction of 10% during the months of February and March.

Read Full Text at: Accommodation Charges at Kadmat, Minicoy, Kavaratti, Thinnakara and Bangaram Islands.

 Forum Responses:

“Considering certain accidents of the Pablo Boats in the past when few people were drowned, we would recommend the larger type Speed Boats be run by the Governmental Agency. The Pablo Boat is nothing but a small fishing vessel used by fishermen.  The boat does not have roof, enough seats or life-saving appliances. Human life is precious, irrespective whether one is rich or poor”!

“No wonder about the incident.  The authorities concerned took it so simple, to ferry people, including tourists, from one island to another in the Lakshadweep, in the most un-safe Pablo Boats.  Five persons on board a crowded fishing trawler drowned after the vessel capsized near Kadamat island in Lakshadweep on Saturday morning. Two of them were children – this was the shocking news to the people of Lakshadweep.  The accident was reported on May 19, 2013″.

Let us know whether the enhancements in the rates of accommodation and ferrying charges are acceptableVisit Forum

MintValley Tourism Division

Press Report:
Couple on trip to Lakshadweep islands recounts their horrifying experience

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