Stop Destroying Lakshadweep Tourism!

Stop Destroying Lakshadweep Tourism!

This is with regard to the potential and flourishing Lakshadweep Tourism. It is unfair to keep on complaining. When situations are compelling, a layman has no other way. There is nothing unusual and no one would normally feel affected in the Government bodies holding meetings to transact official matters at the time and venue of their choice. The problem encountered in Lakshadweep is the ‘eviction of tourists from their occupied accommodation to alternate but uncomfortable areas to suit the convenience of the authorities to their meetings’.

In the mainland, such meetings are well planned and organized. Even if the dates are to be changed for some reason or other, no body is affected because there is no admixture of tourism and normal life pattern. Lakshadweep being an exotic and potential tourism center, enthusiastic and adventure friendly tourists from various parts of the world are staying in the resort in Kadmat island. The income derived by way of tourism is considerably high. Such income is contributory to the nation in general and for the welfare of the economically poorer sections of the islanders in particular.

It may be part of the official functioning of the Lakshadweep Administrator to hold frequent meetings at Kadmat to sort out, augment or improve various situations prevalent in the Lakshadweep. Usually, there is nothing unusual in organizing such meetings and no one is to suffer any disruptions in their style of living.

The pertinent point here is the distress, difficulties and discomforts encountered by the tourists (who have reservations in Air conditioned Rooms in Kadmat and are slowly getting settled in their rooms in resort with the available facilities definitely not be matching well with those they are accustomed to in their home land) when they are compelled, with the least notice, to move out of the rooms to an uncomfortable Non A/C rooms situated 2 Kms away on the directive, namely the Lakshadweep Administrator or his deputies, to add comfort and convenience for them holding a meeting. It is also common that the dates of such meetings once fixed are getting shifted to another dates.

All this is causing great difficulties to the tourists who have obtained reservations sufficiently in advance and also to those tour operators who have taken up their tour enquiries in good faith. On enquiring about the matter, the only a slick evasive answer is available from the official quarters is that “this is Government affairs and Government orders”. The complaints of the affected tourists being genuine, the Lakshadweep authorities are, apart from putting every one in an embarrassing situation, spoiling the image of our nation as well. They seem to have forgotten the dictum: “Atithi Devo Bhava” means treat the guests as Gods!

Perhaps it may be that the guests are compelled to vacate with the least notice and put to hell of a problems under the guise of ‘Administrator’s meeting’ by some of the tricky, and dishonest personnel of the ‘SPORTS’ (Society for Promotion of Nature Tourism and Sports), even without the knowledge of Administrator (He is also the Chairman of SPORTS), Union Territory of Lakshadweep. Whatever may the reason, its aftermath and miseries directly faced by the guests and every one else in the tourism sector, is in fact a disgrace to our nation.

If the ‘SPORTS’ continue to exert its ‘official muscle power’, the Lakshadweep Tourism is sure to suffer. If they honestly want to avert such adverse flow of things, they would better think of setting in place ‘their own exclusive facilities to hold such official meetings’. Thus both the sectors could be saved. Or get prepared for a crash.

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