Two senior IAS officers charge-sheeted for graft in Lakshadweep

Two senior IAS officers charge-sheeted for graft in Lakshadweep
20 September, 2013 Kochi

The Kochi unit of the CBI Thursday chargesheeted Delhi Finance Corporation managing director and senior IAS officer B V Selvaraj in a corruption case during his term as administrator of Lakshadweep from 2006 to 2009. Daman and Diu Education Secretary Abraham Varickamackal, former chairman of Lakshadweep Building Development Board (LBDB), was also chargesheeted. Both are UT-cadre IAS officers.

According to the chargesheet filed in the Kochi special court, the officers took bribe and entered into a criminal conspiracy with a private contractor to award contracts for supply of river sand and granite chips from Kerala to Lakshadweep.

While Varickamackal of the 1998 batch has been arraigned as the first accused, Selvaraj of the 1981 batch is the fourth accused. Varickamackal’s wife Kaberi Senapati has been made the seventh accused. Senior LBDB official S Attakoya, contractor H K Mohammed Kassim and three others are the accused.

The CBI said Varickamackal gave contracts to Kassim without authorisation and Selvaraj joined the conspiracy later. Varickamackal was chairman of LBDB and Selvaraj administrator of Lakshadweep when the alleged corruption took place. The CBI found Selvaraj accepted ornaments, sarees and gadgets from Kassim, who took up renovation of his Pondicherry house.

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Chargesheet filed in graft case

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