Andrott (Androth) is the nearest island to the mainliand, lies about 198 km from Kozhikode and 70 km north from Kalpeni island. The island is located upon the southwestern edge of a large submarine platform, is the only island of the group to have a west-east orientation. A fringing reef surrounds much of the island, enclosing an extremely narrow lagoon. Andrott is the largest island of the Lakshadweep islands with an area of 4.90 sq.Kms, measuring 4.5 km in length (east to west) and up to 1 km in width (north to south).

Andrott Island reflects the rich historical past and religious legacy of the bygone golden era. The splendid architectural monuments of the island that bears testimony to the rich skills and creative imaginations of the ancient times. Andrott houses several Buddhist archaeological remains which was discovered here. The exiquisite designs of the famous Jumaat Mosque of the island that houses the tomb of the divine Saint Ubaidullah portrays the artistic flare and richness of Lakshsadweep.

The Andrott has many firsts to its credit. The first modern Lighthouse Tower in Lakshadweep was constructed by the Government of India at East end of Androth Island. The Lighthouse was commissioned into service on 1st May 1967. And is located about 3 Km by road from Jetty. The breakwater and wharf at Andrott Island was the first mega project in the Lakshadweep to provide all weather ship landing facilities on the island.

According to local populace, Andrott island was the first in the territory to embrace Islam. Saint Hazrat Ubaidullah, a disciple of Prophet Mohammed, is believed to have propagated Islam to the islanders in the 7th century which then spread to other Islands.

The Tomb of Hazrat Ubaidullah is enshrined at the Juma’at Mosque, is a sacred place at Andrott Island in Lakshadweep. Urs Festival, celebrated here in commemoration of the saint, attracts devotees from near places including mainland. It is believed that mosques at Amini, Kalpeni, Agatti and Kavaratti were built by him.

There is a regular passenger-cum-cargo vessel service between Cochin and Andhrott Island and also from Beypore, Calicut. The construction of shore facilities for bigger ships at Breakwater Stage-III at Andrott Island is under process. An Airstrip is proposed to be constructed at Andrott.

Andrott Island, which has not been brought under the tourism packages in due consideration to the infrastructure availability. The development of a resort complex at ‘Moolah Beach’, creation of a theme park at jetty, light and sound programme at Juma Mosque, development of a Botanical garden at the central portion, promoting Jubilee Convention hall as a ‘corporate retreat’ for Board meetings and seminars etc are some of the suggestions.

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