Surrounded by water on three sides, the vast peninsular coastline of India offers an amazing array of beaches. Both the West and East Coast of India offer verdant vistas of palm on the Arabian Sea shores or the Bay of Bengal.

On the west coast there are miles of sandy beaches broken into attractive bays by rocky headlands. The most popular ones are the beaches of Goa and Kovalam at Kerala.

The beaches on the eastern coast are less well developed. The best known are the beaches of Mahabalipuram and a small but exquisite beach in Orissa called Gopalpur-on-Sea. Read more at: Major beaches in India

Protecting Our Beaches

Pollution of coastal environments threatens the use of beaches as an economic, recreational, and aesthetic resource. Water quality problems and debris not only harm the sensitive aquatic habitat in the near-shore waters but are aesthetically displeasing as well. Read more at: Protecting Our Beaches

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