Harbour Marina

The Harbour Marina and Yacht Club is under development near the scenic beauty of Cochin Harbour, one of the safest natural harbours on India’s southwestern coast, Kerala.

Cochin, the Queen of Arabian Sea attracts a considerable tourist trade every year. The leisure time spent at backwaters for recreation has been increased many fold. The range and number of facilities for domestic or international tourists has grown as a consequence. There is an underlying trend of continued increase in demand for coastal leisure facilities.

Harbour Marina will offer world-class pleasure boating and cruising facilities and services never before available in Indian Sub-Continent. This fully engineered marina will accommodate over 50 boats including extra wide berths for multi-hulled sailboats.

Over 60,000 square feet of commercial and retail facilities will include a fuel pier, boat repair, covered berths (Dry and open) telecommunications, grocery and restaurants. Members of the Harbour Marina Yacht Club will enjoy separate club, dining and recreational facilities as well as sponsored events.

The Marina will offer a full range of vacation cruises, adventure cruises, backwater cruises, cocktail sunset cruises, charters for filming marine life, sportfishing charters, scuba classes, scuba vacations and other watersports activities. Onboard Cruises to the Indianislands will be managed by well experienced cruiseline companies.

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