The proposed name extension .Kochi is the independent top-level domain registry of Keralites on the Internet. The local addresses available with this domain ending are concise and create a superbrand identity for their citizens, companies and institutions alike. 

When the new gTLDs is accepted for Kerala, the new domain name (.Kochi) will be the most prestigious one for everybody, with un-imaginable fortune, glory, self-respect and progress in their respective sphere of activities.

The Government of Kerala can play a major role in adopting and operating the new ‘.kochi’ domain in multiple facets.

It will add honour and prestige to the Government of Kerala, as well as the large number of business, educational institutions and various other establishments. The private sector will also derive greater and unprecedented advantages, business prospects and profits when they start making the new super brand of .kochi’.

For more details visit .kochi website

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